I am deeply indebted to my grandmother who died when I was about 18.

As a child I lived with my grandmother and my parents until I was two and a half mainly because at that time it was not economically possible for my parents to live alone. During this time I remembered clearly how my grandmother stood beside me in times of distress. No one dared mess with me.

When I started to examine my past with the generous assistance of Shula, my shrink who assisted me in this journey, for the first time I realized the profound contribution my grandmother had on my life. I wanted to immediately go to her grave to thank her even though I did not know exactly where her grave as I did not visit it for decades. Fortunately the graveyards here in Israel are well marked, some even with very elaborate tombstones, so finally within a few minutes of searching I was able to find it.

When I got to the grave alone on a warm and sunny day I did not know what to do. Then suddenly a wave of sadness swept over me. Like a baby I began to cry nonstop. I was drowning in my tears for a long time when suddenly a voice inside me said, “Get a life!”  Surprisingly, I felt a relief, a feeling that was unknown to me. The words, “Get a life!” pounded in my head like a melody. Both soothing and inspiring at the same time. It was strange that this message had no words or language even though my grandmother spoke only in German with me. I was only able to feel the words. Translated emotions manifested the words “Get a life.” These words echo in my head constantly every day and since then has gained a new meaning. I calmed down and  left the cemetery without fully understanding what it was I just experienced.

Days passed and some signs started to surface as events of my life began unfolding. I worked as CEO of hi-tech company in the medical field.  On one of my business trips on a small plane belonging to partners I flew from Toronto, Canada and the United States and needed to empty my bladder. Conditions on the plane did not allow me to do so and only two and half hours later I had the opportunity to run to the bathroom, but it was too late. Local customs officials quickly took me to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the hospital I was diagnosed with Cancer and  was urgently sent to undergo surgery.

For two days I stayed connected to a catheter. I suffered severe pain. But the day before surgery I received two phone calls and these calls changed my life. One person, who was in Las Vegas, called me by mistake at four in the morning. Our conversation continued and strangely enough it led to us talking about my surgery and this strange caller explaining that he does not believe in surgery. Then shortly after a local friend called, he too told me the same thing but this time without me even mentioning my problem and the fact that I was scheduled for surgery soon. Needless to say these coincidences amazed me and I decided to take the risk and cancel the surgery. I tore off the catheter and began a new research path to healing  myself.

Five years of studying the scientific world in combination with exploring our spiritual selves I realized that the saying ‘spiritual connections are real’ is completely right. We ourselves create it unconsciously! Through further investigation I discovered that other people experiencing similar problems found solutions without surgery. I spoke at length with one person who testified that he too suffered from this problem and  it was resolved without surgical intervention.

Today I firmly believe that we do possess the power to heal ourselves and this was the beginning of my practice where I successfully treat other people in similar circumstances. Whether you are suffering from Cancer, Crohn’s disease, tinnitus, obesity, or simply wanting to improve your economic situation, find a spouse, improve your relationships, or you are seeking to understand yourself, overcome depression, anxiety or any other problem that currently cannot be solved through scientific solutions or alternative medicine the science of Feelogica is currently now available to help you overcome these afflictions.

Feelogica incorporates the capabilities of modern science and methods of spirituality to teach you how to connect with your body, mind and soul so you can understand the source of your illness, emotional distress  and basically your inability to live your best life.

Many authors have gone before me and have spoken at length on this subject and I would like to publicly acknowledge persons like Norman Doidge who wrote the book The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of PersonalTriumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science showing how with a flexible mind the brain can repair itself and Pete A. Sanders, Jr. author of You are free: The Psychic Soul Method.

These authors combined with the insights that were revealed to me (mostly at night when I was in my bed, some in the shower and some even while driving) motivated me to share my technique. The surprising results that were achieved by people exposed to the same method laid the foundation for Feelogica.

But for those of you who might be still skeptical and may ask, “So what’s the real difference with Feelogica and what is already known out there?” the answer lies particularly with this series that I am now publishing. Throughout this series you will be provided with the exact tools on how to accomplish the seemingly inevitable task of understanding your subconscious mind and how it literally controls your life. Furthermore, at the end of this series you will be able to reverse the code and finally take charge so you can restart your life and create a new you! In addition, should you need any help in understanding how to perform some of the exercises or you are in need of a deeper explanation for certain incidents or emotions that may manifest themselves you can contact me directly for a consultation.

So by now you should have a better understanding of how the Feelogica method evolved and how it can help you. Next week be sure to join me in beginning to understand our spiritual world and how it connects us to the events and happenings in our lives.

Be Your Own Miracle

Today marks the arrival of the first online course designed to give you the tools to do miracles that will make you smile once again.

Totally free, without any gimmicks or tricks, this course is designed to allow you to heal the things that need healing in your life. Yes, anything that you are trying to rid your life of this course will help you accomplish it.

The first step is to decide that once and for all you are ready to make this change. Note this series would only be dealing with acheiving the miracle of weight loss. If you would like to perform another miracle please email us and gather at least 10 additional persons who want to make themselves the same miracle . We will bring you the knowledge needed for making this miracle. A list of other miracles we currently deal with are listed below:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Improving economic situation
  • Healing
  • Finding relationships
  • Improving relationships
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Fears and anxieties

Introductory chapters are common to all the miracles. The things that you want to fix you have created yourself, by default, and without intention. The course will allow you to see how you created your weight problems from your subconscious, without knowing it at all. It will then teach you how to modify the software hidden within you so that you can jumpstart the miracle that you desired and keep it for the rest of your life. It will even teach you the added bonus of developing the ability to create more miracles for your life.

As mentioned previously, as the author of this course, the information will be available to any and every one free of charge so that he/she may bring about the miracles needed in his/her life. Each week a new chapter would be available on this Blog “Learn the Language of Your Soul”. So once you are registered you will automatically receive the updated chapters. Additionally, if you’d like to speak with me personally to get further insight about yourself it would be free. Just send me an email and I will be in touch with you to set up a meeting.

It is important however that I point out that all the material presented in this course is copywrited. For those of you who may be wondering how does this impact you it simply means that you are unable to duplicate or use any part of this course for anything other than your personal use without my written consent. Each person who is willing to try this course must sign up for it individually. This is my one and only condition when you choose to use the material.

So I thank you for joining me on this journey and look forward to hearing from you and the miracles you begin to create in your life as we
progress….You’ve reached! Restart your Life!

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Learn the Language of Your Soul

Learn the tools that enable you to restart your life!

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Restart Your Life

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