Like most people I spent most of my years confused about the important and non-important issues of life. Trying to cultivate a career as a CEO of a Hi -Tech Company in the medical field it was important to me the type of car I drove, the number of times I travelled abroad and other standard gestures that represented a measure of my success.

Then one day, out of the blue, I experienced a very difficult medical experience during one of my trips abroad. As I was connected to the tubes in the hospital I began to have a very unknown and unfamiliar series of experiences. I did not know from where they were coming or how they began but they forced me to start searching within for the source of my suffering. These sensations eventually saved me from undergoing the urgent and inevitable surgery for which I was scheduled as they led me to the hidden internal reasons that caused this physical and destructive period of my life.

After many years of internal and external excavation techniques and various experiences – physical, non physical and psychological insights – I found “something” that connects the pieces of the various elements that makes us people. That “something” is in us, every one of us; we do not need magic or magicians. The only thing we need is the ability to develop neural listening skills of ourselves, that connection between logic and emotion that each of us uses naturally and that contain the entire personal program of life, full and complete. When we learn to listen and connect to it we can easily modify and create our life anew – as we want, at our choice!