Feelogica® is a new science that allows you to cure your life and get the life you desire.

Most of us feel like something uncontrollable is managing our lives. We want one thing but get another and the question is how and why is this happening? The answer resides in us without us knowing it.

Imagine that someone says something that annoys you. How do you know that you are supposed to get angry? You must get this information from an internal source because not everyone gets upset from the same things, so it is something that belongs only to you! You, like everyone else, have your private system of interpretation coming from your subconscious and genetic code!

The information coming from your genetic code and subconscious makes you feel anger as described in the example given. In the meantime, because of irritation and annoyance the body sets aside the typical chemicals that belong to the feeling of anger.  A repeat of such secretions can cause diseases correlated to these specific chemicals.

The genetic code and subconscious is not available to us normally and therefore Feelogica® was developed to reveal the information that is hidden in them that secretly guides us to repeat the damaging behaviors again and again. This information was inaccessible until now. Feelogica® serves as a doorway to the hidden information and program of our genetic code and subconscious. In this way you can reveal your “genetic” codes hidden in and change it for your recovery.

Feelogica® helps you to feel and understand the contents of these hidden messages and access your genetic code and subconscious directly. Mastering this technique helps you to change the unwanted contents hidden in you especially those that produce your suffering and other difficulties you may experience.